Cascoland Mafikeng.
together with Jair Straschnow.

Dutch, South African and Kenyan artists collaborate in a practical research into temporary architectural and re-use possibilities for the Mmabatho stadium in Mafikeng, South Africa, during the 2010 World Cup.
The audience arriving at the Mmabatho Stadium is doing that for the most obvious reason- to watch a game of football. But instead of watching it from the stands, like audience normally does, they do it from the pitch, on big screens, during the World Cup PVAs (Public Viewing Area). That leaves the stands empty and visible - a template to fill with content, a massive billboard waiting to be used. We decided to use the PVA gatherings in Mafikeng to promote the activities/goals of Life Line, an NGO dealing with trauma and emotional counselling, and the most urgent topic- HIV and AIDS.
The messages were written both in English and in Tswana, the local language, and were manually (and slowly..) together with a team of four local boys.