Cascoland Mafikeng, 2010.
together with Jair Straschnow.

During our stay in Mafikeng, we tried to develop a low-cost and green alternative coffin, using the workshop of Operation Blanket organization.
In SA, where currently almost one third of the population is HIV positive, death is a big part of every day life. Sadly enough, besides the shock and grieve, death is also an extremely costly business. In a twisted bond between tradition and social conventions, the funeral arrangements and the events that follow adds-up to a huge expense for the grieving family. The coffin is a major part of the funeral costs, normally made out of cheap materials designed to look expensive (chipboard covered with Melamine fake wood, heavy glossy coating, gilded plastic handles, synthetic linen etc). We designed a simple coffin made out of six plain plywood parts with a cotton linen, without further glueing and metal fastening. During a 3 day workshop we trained local boys to reproduce the coffin from existing templates.