Ornament and Crime.

I use Bodoni Ornaments from the font type Bodoni as an alphabet to transform text into jewellery.

I have been inspired from the background history of the font as well as the relation to the craft of goldsmithing.
The founder of Bodoni was Giambattista Bodoni (1740-1813). He was a typographer and engraver, professions
that enabled his execution of engraving in metal for the use of punch cutting (punch cutting is the making of
letters in metal that is used for the traditional composition of metal letters in a matrix for printing text).

Bodoni Ornament was part of Giambattista Bodoni monumental book Manuale Tipografico, published post-
humously in 1818. In the early 1990s, ITC (The International Typeface Corporation) took on the challenge of
creating a modern interpretation of the Bodoni font type, and it is now digitally accessible.

Unlike the original use of the ornament, between or in the end of the text, I use the digitalized alphabet to make
words and sentences from the ornaments.