Makers Move is a mobile jewellery workshop, a project initiated and realized in collaboration with Josephine Winther.

Makers Move is a mobile jewellery workshop, launched last summer 2012 in the streets of Copenhagen. The mobile unit is our base where we work and where we have conversations with people on the street about objects or pieces of jewellery that they are carrying.

Makers Move want to show aspects of how to make jewellery, and to explore the stories and meanings connected to portable objects and jewellery. We want to investigate how artifacts can transmit who and what we are, and become the open books of memory that enable us to access the past in the present and convey a history much larger than themselves.

We call Makers Movea medium of exchange’, and we trade stories about objects and jewellery, with pieces of cast imprints of people’s own special objects, which we make into pendants. We ask people on the street if they carry an object or a piece of jewellery that has a significant history or meaning connected to it. Then we make an imprint of the object or jewellery and cast it in pewter twice creating two copies. One copy is for the person with whom we have the dialogue, and the other is for an exhibition of all the pieces alongside their stories.
In Copenhagen, the pendants were exhibited in Toolleryboxes (display boxes) in different jewellery galleries, encouraging people to go and collect their pieces and thereby building a bridge between the street and the gallery.
The mobile unit and the Toolleyboxes are made by Jair Straschnow. You can visit the webpage, Makers Move and read the Prize Motivation from The Danish Arts Foundation Crafts and Design Committee who awarded a prize to the jewelry project Makers Move.