It started with a song by Tom Waits, 'She is a diamond that wants to stay coal'. Since charcoal is part of the same carbon type as diamonds, C6, just having a different molecular structure, I decided to give evolution a helping hand and make my own 'diamonds' out of charcoal. I have replaced the diamond by binchotan, a special type of charcoal that is produced in Japan and Korea, by means of an ancient and sustainable tradition. Jewellery design has a strong link to the mining industry, which is often the cause of ecological and humanitarian damage. So I found an alternative material and another way to elaborate it’s life span. Instead of throwing away the binchotan after its technical life has expired it starts a new life as jewellery.

The collection is made from certified, sustainable gold from Oro Verde and Binchotan from Sort of Coal. The organic wool jackets are made in collaboration with fashion designer Nadine Möllenkamp.